Infos & secrets from Jerome Laran

Infos & secrets from Jerome Laran

Jerome Laran is one of the sought-after saxophonists of the French school. We asked him about French music and of course the BalatonSAX Academy.

Let us know why do you recommend BalatonSAX Academy for all ages?

BalatonSAX Academy differs from other summer courses, not only about its teaching staff and location. From 0-24, you can be with the teachers by a wonderful lake and you can improve your knowledge with all of them, all day long. We put a special focus on the chamber and orchestral music as well, so that everyone gets the most out of the community experience. In addition, we prepare for competitions and place great emphasis on mental training.

Tell us more about French saxophone music and its secrets of playing!

Everyone should know the French saxophone repertoire. The works of Ibert and Debussy are mandatory in all competitions, and we will prepare you for those pieces during BalatonSAX.

The profs of BalatonSAX give different knowledge to each participant, I personally teach the repertoire of French music. I will teach the technique and characters, I am introducing the students to the French performing style and also reveal secrets on how to perform cadence most effectively with high pitched sounds.

BalatonSAX also differs from other courses in that it prepares everyone individually for their future. We believe in the individuum and not in schematization.

Thank you for your time and see you soon at BalatonSAX!

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