Infos & secrets from Paul Cohen

Infos & secrets from Paul Cohen

Let us know why you recommend BalatonSAX Academy for all ages!

I believe BalatonSAX is unique among all saxophone festivals and academies around the World. The international diversity of the teachers and players is stunning. Professors can give a deep understanding of the saxophone and its music from a worldwide perspective. It is really important for the students to absorb the different playing techniques and approaches that make up the extensive saxophone world. But even more important than diversity is the artist-level quality of all the teachers. Professors of BalatonSAX are not just good players but are artist-musicians, who bring the highest musical awareness to the saxophone, than any other summer festival or workshop. The musical insight and level of artistry are why I highly recommend BalatonSAX to all students.

Tell us more about American saxophone music and its secrets of playing!

As the great French repertoire, there are many wonderful American works that are little-known, understood, and played. The great diversity of American music is all about American history and culture. To play those pieces properly, the player requires a full understanding of the musical and historical background. Understanding folk music, dance music, jazz, and other American musical genres are as important as the traditional European models, that are such a part of our music. This true stylistic awareness changes our performances into a musical experience with greater artistry and authenticity. This awareness will open a new path of understanding and appreciation for both listeners and performers.

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